A short film made in 2008, that was shot on 16mm and tells the story of a homeless girl and a working stiff and their developing relationship.

Can't a guy take a nap! This was a short film shot on Super 8mm in early 2005. The film was shot collaboratively but then edit individual multiple ways....this was my take.


My music compositions are used in these video clips 'Cancer Fence' by seahue and 'Feather' by seahue

I provided some video footage used in this video by the Tiny Buddha website

Other musical composition, available for use under Creative Commons rules can be found here


In addition to these TCP films, I have been involved in practical way in a number of other film projects, in particular for two other Pittsburgh based film makers; four12filmworks and Seraphic Vision Films.  Credits as follows;


(2006) – Career Path (assistant camera, PA and extra)

(2007) – Short Cut (assistant camera, sound and composed/performed original music)

Seraphic Vision Films

(2006) – Haunted Cell (assistant camera, sound)

(2007) – A Question of Murder (camera, voice-over narration)

I have designed a few graphic tee-shirts that can be found and purchased on Zazzle